New from Schnaithmann: Automatic lubrication system for plate chain conveyors

Schnaithmann Maschinenbau GmbH now offers an automatic lubrication system for plate chain conveyors from the BS86 series.

The automatic lubrication system from Schnaithmann for plate chain conveyors is compact and can also be integrated into existing systems.

Schnaithmann BS86 series plate chain conveyor with the automatic lubrication system: the passing chain link is lubricated without contact and with pinpoint accuracy.

Schnaithmann Maschinenbau GmbH, system supplier for automation technology, now offers an automatic lubrication system for plate chain conveyors from the BS86 series. The new lubrication system is a self-sufficient unit that can also be retrofitted and does not necessarily have to be integrated into the existing system control. Manual lubrication of the plate chains is no longer necessary, which reduces maintenance costs and effort for the entire conveyor system. Automatic lubrication requires only small quantities of oil and ensures a long service life of the chains and guide rails.

Plate chain conveyors are part of Schnaithmann's modular transfer systems for automation, assembly, material flow and handling tasks. The conveyor and storage sections of the BS86 series serve a flexible and economical material flow. The lubrication system developed for this series features a simple, compact and robust design and is insensitive to dirt and chips. It consists of commercially available components from well-known manufacturers. As an addition to the BS86 modular system, existing transfer systems can be retrofitted with the new lubrication system without having to intervene in the existing control system. In new lines, the lubrication system can also be integrated into the existing control system.

The system has an integrated control for pre-definable and adjustable lubrication intervals. A viewing window makes the lubrication process visible from the outside. Lubrication is matched to the plate chain and takes place without contact by means of a special spray system. A sensor detects the chain link to be lubricated. The lubrication point is lubricated via a lubrication pulse by wetting the passing chain or chain link with oil with pinpoint accuracy. Only the chain link to be lubricated is lubricated, which reduces oil consumption and minimizes contamination of the belt with lubricant.

"Automatic lubrication eliminates the need for time-consuming manual maintenance and lubrication, which saves maintenance costs," says Felix Haas, who as project manager at Schnaithmann is also responsible for the development of the lubrication system. "With the new lubrication system, we have added another accessory to the modular system of plate chain conveyors and can now offer our customers added value in terms of preventive maintenance."

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