Electric Lift Transverse Unit for Modular Transfer Systems

The direct comparison shows that the electric lift-transverse unit, eHQE, from Schnaithmann (left) requires significantly less installation space than conventional lift-transverse units (right).

Schnaithmann Maschinenbau GmbH has developed a purely electric lift-transverse unit, eHQE. For the Remshalden automation specialist, the eHQE is the first step on the way to a fully electric conveyor system. The new unit was presented at this year's trade show Motek in Stuttgart under Schnaithmann's trade show motto "Best of Automation".

"For many of our customers, energy efficiency and overall cost-effectiveness are becoming more and more important. The customers want to avoid compressed air as an energy source," says Thilo Hottmann, Managing Director at Schnaithmann. "The logical consequence is the development of electrical components." Furthermore it simplifies implementation in cleanroom environments.

A lift transverse unit is virtually the deflector on a conveyor system. It can be used to replace workpiece carriers to a parallel belt or to deflect the material flow by 90 degrees. For this purpose, the transport material must first be raised slightly and then transversely transported, the lifting movement was previously realized with one or two pneumatic cylinders.

In the new electric version, two EC geared motors are used for chain drive and lift transverse unit. The electronically commutated, brushless and thus wear-free 24 V DC motors have a very good efficiency and allow for continuous speed control. As a result, on the one hand, ramp-shaped motion profiles can be generated, which greatly benefits the conveyed material. On the other hand, the conveying speed can be easily varied between 5 to 15 m/min. An integrated Hall sensor allows exact positioning tasks, which means that the lift-transverse unit can be used both as a two-position unit and as a three-unit unit. Additional position sensors are not necessary, an electronic holding brake ensures the appropriate positional safety. The motors are controlled via a control module integrated into the lift-transverse unit, communication takes place via Profinet. If required, this allows extensive drive diagnostics to be carried out.

By eliminating the standard gear motor previously responsible for the chain drive, the new unit takes up much less space below. This is particularly advantageous when in industrial use, the transfer system requires a built-in under the conveyor belt return track, for example for empty workpiece carriers. Apart from that, it was consistently ensured that the new unit fits seamlessly into the existing modular system. A one-to-one exchange is thus possible at any time.
Schnaithmann offers the lift transverse unit for its BS11 and BS100 roller chain conveyor systems as well as for the belt systems BS20 and BS21. The new unit is intended for all common workpiece carrier sizes from 240 x 240 mm to 560 x 560 mm and up to a maximum total mass of the workpiece carrier of 50 kg. The new lift transverse unit is also ESD-capable.

The module transfer system is currently undergoing intensive endurance tests and will be available on the market from quarter 4/2019.

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